Tree Care

Tree care Cutting of tree top Root treatment

The goals of tree care are to preserve the vitality of the tree into an old age, the early treatment of damages, and the support of natural growths. Tree care began in Germany in 1935 through Michael Maurer. Maurer brought his knowledge from America. In the following decades new realizations were adopted and old views were left behind. Tree care is a constantly developing branch of gardening and landscaping. A successful tree care company is focused on being on top of the newest developments. Important functions of tree care include:

Tree surgery

for the treatment of trunk damage has lost its importance. In cases of trunk damage and fungi attacks the tree expert, through his methods, encourages the tree to heal itself.

Protection of the trees

at construction sites to prevent damage to the roots, trunk, and crest.

Ground improvement

through changing the structure of the soil, introduction of nutrients, and improving the soil-air ratio.


Trimming of a sapling in order to prevent developmental problems.

Tree top care:

Trimming in order to preserve the typical tree top shape. Trimming of mostly smaller limbs. Smaller limbs D < 3 cm.

Thinning of the tree top:

Includes the tree top care with additional trimming of the weaker limbs. Weak limbs D > 3-5 cm.

Cutting of the tree top:

Trimming of the thick and limbs. Thick limbs D > 5-10 cm. limbs D >10 cm.

Securing of the tree top:

Support of the tree top through bracing of limbs or tree top portions to prevent breakage.

Deadwood removal

indicates the removal of dead twigs and limbs from the tree top.Root treatment of damaged roots in order to keep the amount of damaged areas low.