Tree Control

Tree Control - Tree Inspection

As a tree owner it is probable that you are bound by law to make sure that no danger is posed by your tree. If and how much liability you have for your tree can be found out from your local authorities. Should a liability exist, it is advisable that regular controls are performed according to regulations of your community. These controls should also be officially noted on paper. The tree inspector is responsible before the tree owner if the tree causes any type of damage, as long as the danger was noticeable during an inspection. (Questions about liability can be answered by your local authority or lawyer). It is advisable to have a tree inspection twice a year, once when it has leaves, and once without leaves. A tree inspection should definitely be carried out in cases of

Leaf discoloration

Cause: damage in the roots, trunk, treetop poor nutrients in the soil, parasites, etc.

Fungi buds on the trunk, in the tree top or in the root area

Cause: Fungi attack

Cracks in the bark

Cause: frost cracks, cracks through sun damage

Barrenness of the tree top (dried limbs and leaves at the uppermost tip of the tree top)

Cause: Damage in the root area, trunk, or tree top

Larger broken limbs

Cause: storm damage, mechanical damage

High amounts of deadwood in the tree top