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This website is intended for all persons interested in trees and tree care. We would like to help you answer any questions regarding trees. Within the website are pages dedicated to tree fungi, tree diseases, tree care, tree control and tree evaluation, and your responsibilities as a tree owner. We hope this site will help answer any questions you may have had. Thank you for your visit. We hope you enjoy the site.



Tree determination

descduous treesDeciduous tree determination. Trees are a perennial plant with a root a straight woody stem, branches and twigs. The woodiness is constantly increasing. Above a certain height the tree forms a crown. Go to the trees

Tree fungi

tree fungusFungi are made of single or multi-cellular threads (Hyphae). They form the mycelium. With the hyphae, the fungus invades the wood and extracts nutrients, importantly, cellulose, polysaccharides, and lignin. read more


conifer logoSpruce, pine, fir? Here you can find determination aids for conifers, as well as detailed descriptions and pictures of the different conifers. Visit the section conifers.

Tree diseases

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Unusual changes on trees! Diseases on leaves, branches, trunks and roots of trees can be life threatening to the tree. Determination aids for diseases on the tree, you'll find under the tree diseases.

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App tree-guide logoCheck it out. Tree guide to take away. Here you can find detailed information about the apps that are running iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, Google, HTC, etc.)

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