Cherry Blossom

List Of Cherry Blossoms

Here you'll find a selection of cherry blossoms.

wild cherry (Prunus avium) flower

The flower is white with five petals. The anthers are reddish. The flowers stand in bunches.

bird cherry (Prunus padus) flowers

The small white flowers are in large clusters and appear with the leaf shoots. The flowers exude a pleasant fragrance.

fire cherry (Prunus pensylvanica) flower

The flower is white, standing on long pedicels. The anthers are yellow. The flowers are umbel-like together.

black cherry (Prunus serotina) flower

The white flowers are in cylindrical, long inflorescences. The flowers smell pleasant.

plum tree (Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca) blossoms

The flower of Mirabelle consists of white umbels with usually 5 petals.

bitter berry (Prunus virginiana) blossoms

The small white flowers appear in large grapes and appear with the leaf shoots. The flowers smell little.