Cherry Winter Characteristics

List Of Cherries In Winter

Here you will find a selection of images of cherries in the winter.

wild cherry (Prunus avium) axial buds

Branches are pale gray and glossy. The buds are reddish brown and protruding. The buds are heaped, particularly on branch end.

bird cherry (Prunus padus) bud

The branches are light brown and slightly glossy. The buds are brown, oblong and pointed.

fire cherry (Prunus pensylvanica) terminal buds

The twigs are red-brown with bright lenticels. The young branches are perpendicular often high. The buds are red, egg-shaped and protruding.

black cherry (Prunus serotina) crown

Die Zweige sind braun-grau mit Lentizellen. Die Knospen sind rotbraun leicht zugespitzt und treten am Zweigende gehäuft auf.

bitter berry (Prunus virginiana) buds in winter

The branches are red-brown. The buds are light brown, ovate, pointed and protrude.