Oak Winter Characteristics

List Of Oaks In Winter

Here you will find a selection of images of oaks in the winter.

white oak (Quercus alba) buds

The young twigs are reddish to greenish, slightly hairy later they are gray and bare.

swamp white oak (Quercus bicolor) terminal bud

The branches are smooth and gray, the ends of branches ridged. The branches often grow in a zigzag shape. The buds are small, round and brown.

turkish oak (Quercus zerris) trerminal bud

The young shoots are gray and tomentose. The branches have raised leaf scars. The buds are small and reddish brown. Note the dried up leaves in winter they stand bushy.

scarlet oak (Quercus coccinea) buds

The branches are reddish brown and warty. Buds are pointed brown and ovoid.

hungarian oak (Quercus fainetto) bud

The branches are first olive green and smooth, later brownish with lenticels. The buds are brown, ovoid thick and pointed.

shingle oak  (Quercus imbricaria) bud

The branches are gray-green. The buds are reddish brown, thick egg-shaped and slightly pointed.